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Fortuneline Business Consulting is a specialized consulting firm that offers Business Development, Operations & Technology solutions to Medical & Industrial Automation Service Companies.
Our diversified portfolio of consulting services, help our domestic and International partners acquire customers, streamline operations and ensure customer retention.

Our customers range from small start up to mid size firms. Regardless of your size, FBC's network of service consultants can help you work out a solution with in budgeted time and resources.
We realize without partnership and communication, we cannot develop and deliver quality solutions. We are an innovative Service Management Consulting provider.  We partner with your in house
team to develop unique solutions based on rigorous quantitative and qualitative data assessment.

We firmly believe that the primary reason of any business should be to contribute to the betterment of its stake holders. On a case by case basis Fortuneline Business Consulting offers its
services to registered Non Profit Organizations at zero cost.