Industry Databases :

Finding relevant Industry Data at a reasonable price
is a key challenge facing Market Research

Syndicated information is either priced high or
limited to member organizations. FBC does not rely
on a single source of informaton. We collaborate
across knowledge bases and
rely on our network of
Industry experts when we conduct our research.
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FBC Case Studies :

Case Study 1 : Strategic Service Partnership – Eastern Europe

A leading Bio Technology & Life Science Company was looking to grow operations in Eastern Europe & Middle East.
Their future customer base was concerned about their ability to support an installed base from North America. FBC
helped identify a Strategic Service Partner in the Eastern Europe Region that would augment the service capabilities of
North American Equipment Mfg. The strategic partnership provides a seamless ability for the Bio Technology company to
provide Global Instrument Support and also place more instruments in their emerging markets. FBC Value Add: With a
30 day implementation time line, it was possible to put a complete service operation together to support a successful
product launch in an unknown territory. Reducing time to market, and risk associated with an International Product

Case Study 2 : Sales Improvement Process Implementation through PDCM

A small size Engineering Technology Firm had rapid growth within the first 6 years of operation. Once the initial growth
tapered off, the company found itself in a situation of inconsistent growth spurts. Though there was enough sales talent
within the firm, the lack of a Sales Process limited the firm’s ability to plan and execute projects in a timely manner. The
lack of a Sales process, further disrupted capacity planning and Cash flow. The problem is typically faced by Start up
Service companies. As a Service company, the ironic question always comes, to  what comes first the Service
Capabilities or the Sales?  Through a consultative approach and simple PDCM methodology, FBC consultant worked
with the Executive management team to implement an incentive driven Sales Management Process.  Total time for
implementation from initial assessment to completion was 6 months.

Case Study 3 : Operations efficiency improvement through consolidating applications

A Mid size Medical Service Technology business had three separate applications for Accounting, Service Call
Management, &  Inventory Tracking. The three discreet databases, limited the Senior Management team from getting a
holistic view of their complete operations and identifying bottlenecks to profitable growth. Over a period of two weeks,
FBC consultants prepared an opportunity statement that outlined a comprehensive solution to consolidate all
applications into one common software system.  By partnering with the internal operations team, a new system was
implemented and the project was successfully completed within a span of one year. Today, the client covers all their  
through one seamless application, that provides an end to end browser based solution to all their Service operations.